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Riding the waves – 100 years of service, courage and advancement

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Variety to an artistic mind is like nectar to a bee – it’s what feeds us and makes creative honey. That’s why at Steed Design we’re always on the look out for interesting, challenging, distinctive briefs. From helping organisations such as the NOW Foundation to working on self-initiated projects like a marketing campaign for The Royal Opera House, our flexible approach has opened up a world of creative possibilities. And as the line between graphic design and fine art has blurred over time the way in which we work on those projects has changed. Today, we seamlessly blend technology with handcrafted skills, such as printmaking, painting, drawing and analogue photography. Below is a handful of examples of our work in this area.

Roald Dahl – James and the Giant Peach

book design

The classic story of comradeship and adventure. Hand rendered typography of the peach, complemented by swirling hand-painted patterns to reflect the extraordinary journey and bring Dahl’s moving masterpiece to life.


NOW Foundation – Love Your Body

campaign design

NOW Foundation focuses on a broad range of women’s rights issues. To support its Love your body campaign – established to challenge current beauty standards – we created this simple hand-painted design celebrating individuality.


Corporate communications

road trip infographic

Presenting information in a compelling fashion captures an audience’s attention and encourages them to read on. Here, we combined relaxed portrait photography with clean, modern vector-based illustration to bring a corporate road trip to life.


Royal Opera House – La Bohème

poster / website design

A story of young ambitious comrades making their way in austere times. Combining hand-painted backgrounds, analogue location photography and studio work using cardboard cut-outs for the shadow, the final creative echoes the hard times they all face.


Secret London

poster design / identity

A degree brief exploring the unusual aspects of our cities. Featuring logo design and a series of posters, Secret London uncovers hidden gems dotted around the capital. Here a relic of the cold war is found nestled in the bustling streets of Bermondsey.


Raymond Chandler – The Big Sleep

book design

Visualising Marlow’s dark fiction, our abstract concept spotlights an orchid-headed daughter, central to the sinister and pornographic theme of the novel. The black rendered rings to the rear cover echo the dark rain, ever-present throughout the story.


Plume Riders

futuristic marketing campaign / identity

Saturn moon Enceladus – make me want to go there. That was the brief from Essex Uni graphic design degree. We developed a new extreme sport – ‘plume riding’ and showed our adrenaline junkie hero tackling frozen carved ice blocks, that reflect the ice moon.


Early birds

community photography

While most people are asleep, rubbish collectors, milkmen and women – and here – our local fishmongers are all up before the birds, serving our community. They are the lifeblood of our town and just some of the morning stars in a roll of honour.